The Company


Company Profile


    VI.P.S. company was founded in 1966 by Emmanuel and John Chondrantoni as family business in the center of the city of Thessaloniki. The initial and main activity was the production of flexible and utilitarian packaging. Today it is located in its privately owned facilities of, 5000 m2, in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Sindos.


    During the 45 years of its operation, VI.P.S. has showed very high growth rates, as it managed to be known as one of the largest companies in the field, in Greece as well as in Europe.


    Moreover, following the new technologies, it is evolving because it is constantly updated for the best quality of products and is continuously developing, always based on the passion for creating and, of course, the consumers’ demands. Our long experience in the field, is a commitment that we will continue to offer high quality and excellent services to our clients.


    In the coming years our goal is to innovate, based on the human values and principles that govern our business practices. Moreover, we will take all measures that our company is well-stuffed and that our machineryis up-to-date with the latest technology equipment. Furthermore, we plan to adopt a system of organization which will enable us to expand to morecountries abroad.